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Frequently asked questions

How can I purchase Ekseption Skincare?

Ekseption is a specialist skincare brand and should be purchased from a qualified professional. Please visit the stockist page on this site to locate your nearest stockist. If you have any other questions please complete the enquiry form located on the Contact Us page.

Can I use the skincare at home if I am having Ekseption Mesotherapy treatments?

Yes! Ekseption is the perfect choice of skincare to enhance the results of your Mesotherapy treatments.

How much eye cream should I use and how often?

The skin around your eyes is very fine, therefore you should only use a small amount of eye cream. Remember, a little goes a long way! We suggest that you only use a dime-sized amount and that should be enough for both eyes. Release a small amount of eye cream on your finger and dot it on and around the orbital bone, from the inner to the outer corners of your eye area. Apply the eye cream morning and night.

What is the most important product to use daily?

This would be an SPF, as sun damage can increase the risk of skin cancer as well as cause other skin problems such as: wrinkles and dark spots. Wearing sunscreen on a daily basis is essential. Include All Day Shield into your daily routine and you will not only protect your skin from UV radiation / damage but you will also slow down the signs of ageing.

Are Ekseption products cruelty-free?

Yes, Ekseption products are cruelty-free, not tested on animals. All raw material to make the products is ethically sourced. Ekseption products and treatments are safe and effective.

Are Ekseption products Vegan Friendly?

The majority of the range is vegan friendly except for any products that contain Caviar. These include: Caviar Peel Caviar Mask Caviar Cream Caviar Peptide Peel (Chemical Peel Treatment)

What are Growth Factors?

Growth Factors are proteins that are naturally present in our body, and move between cells to communicate crucial messages. They stimulate cellular growth, and activate the healing, repair and regeneration of skin tissue. Find our more about Growth Factors and how they can help your skin by visiting our blog.

Where is my nearest Ekseption Stockist?

To find your nearest stockist to purchase skincare or for chemical peel treatments, please visit the stockist page on this site.

Do you have a cream to treat acne?

Yes. The Glaciar Repair Cream will restore skin balance and is suitable for oily / acne skin types. It is a very light ultra refreshing cream with a glaciar texture. This cream can be store in the fridge to provide an intensive cooling sensation for anyone experiencing redness and inflammation. We also recommend Pure Skin Activator night serum as a stand alsone treatment at home for 5-6 weeks in combination with All Day Shield (used in the daytime). It will help to purify the skin, reduce impurities, acne, inflammation and rosacea. This product should always be used to protect the skin in combination with a course of chemical peels, designed to treat oily and acne skin types. Ask your Ekseption Specialist for further information and guidance on how to use the products. Cleanse the skin with Micellar Water Cleanse & Peel and tone with Monsoon Tone & Mist.

Do you have any body products?

Yes, and it is called Body Resurfacing Micro-peel & Milk. It comes in a 400ml bottle. The Body Resurfacing Micro Peel is a brand new way to look after your body and to prevent signs of ageing. It is a home use all-in-one product that will reduce skin laxity, fine lines, uneven skin tone, redness, dryness and rough skin.

Which products should I store in the fridge?

The products below need to be stored at a temperature below 25 degrees. However we find that they keep the best when they are constantly stored in the fridge. Storing in the creams in the fridge makes them more enjoyable to use as you will experience an instant cooling sensation on the skin that is especially nice and refreshing in the summer: Ice Cream Repair Ice Cream Lift Glaciar Repair

Do you have a product to detox the skin?

Yes. Our Black Powder Detox & Peel containing charcoal is the perfect choice for anyone looking to remove pollution, impurities and excess oil. It gently removes dead skin cells, exfoliates and purifies the skin whist at the same time provding an instant detox effect. This product can be used by all skin types, however it is especially suited to oily / acne skin types and anyone wishing to remove pollution from their skin.

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