All Day Shield - Protective Day Cream

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

All Day Shield is a new generation of protective day cream, with a light and refreshing texture. It contains Ferulic acid, Vitamin E and Helioguard-365, a natural UVA-screening compound from red sea algae, designed to protect the skin from photo-ageing. The All Day Shield cream is made from a water in oil formulation which creates a long-lasting film over the skin making it resistant to sweating, and providing a perfect base for make-up, whilst at the same time protecting the skin from the penetration of the sunscreen.

All-day shield offers complete UVA and UVB protection. It is important to remember to wear sunscreen daily for the protection of your skin. If you are undertaking a course of chemical peels or micro-needling it is especially important that you apply All Day Shield each day, to prevent hyper-pigmentation as the skin is more vulnerable whilst it is in the repair and regeneration phase which generally takes 6 weeks post peel or micro-needling session.

All Day Shield is suitable for all skin types, and will not sting the eyes.

Key ingredients:

Ferulic acid, Helioguard 365, Vitamin E, UVA/UVA filters SPF 50+