Pure Skin Activator

New product for problematic skin types.

Pure Skin Activator is a night serum that has been formulated to reduce skin pH gradually, and to simultaneously exfoliate, replenish moisture and reduce pigmentation for a smooth, radiant complexion. It is used to prepare the skin before peels, and can be used as an intensive treatment on its own at home for six weeks by applying it to your skin every evening. Pure Skin Activator consists of a very light and silky oil in water emulsion that has been created specifically for combination skin types. It combines two types of acids and natural extracts to purify the skin, reduce bacteria, acne and rosacea. It will calm the skin and reduce redness.

The Pure Skin Activator will provide many benefits when used in conjunction with a course of Pure Skin Peels or Gluco chemical peels. For best results we suggest that you use the activator every night for two to three weeks prior to your first chemical peel. This will help prepare your skin for the chemical peel treatment and prevent pigmentation.

Resurfacing products to use at home

  • Cleanse with Micellar Water to remove impurities and bacteria

  • Tone with Monsoon Mist to balance your skin pH

  • Prepare your skin at night with Pure Skin Activator

  • Apply Glaciar Repair to nourish and balance your skin day & night

  • Apply All Day Shield to protect your skin in the daytime

This routine ensures safe and effective treatments, little to no downtime and the best possible results.

The Black powder detox & peel can also be incorporated into the above routine, use once or twice per week after cleansing the skin. It is a great product if your are dealing with problematic or oily skin concerns as it cleans and detoxifies, eliminates dead cells, blackheads, impurities, bacteria and pollution. Your skin will be left feeling clean and looking radiant.

Following on from your chemical peel course, we advise that you speak to your Ekseption specialist who will give you guidance related to the six week repair and regeneration stage, where you will continue to use the Ekseption resurfacing skincare that has been advised.