Save 10% in February 2020

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

List of things we love about White-Up Sorbet

If you haven't tried our White-Up Sorbet then February might be the perfect time to take one home. There are so many things we love about this cream that we decided to share all of the fabulous reasons that you should give this cream a go, and this February you can save 10% off the normal retail price.

What is White-Up Sorbet and who should use is?

This cream has been designed for anyone suffering from pigment on the surface of their skin. Those dark spots that cause us concern, and when they appear we spend our time searching for the best cover up to try and blend our make up for an even skin tone. White-Up Sorbet is especially suitable for anyone who has existing, or a history of hyper-pigmentation or age spots. White-Up Sorbet can also be used as a preventative cream, why? because it is excellent at its job and we just love it so much that its hard to not include it in our beauty routine at some point in the year.

White-Up Sorbet has been formulated to reduce the skin pH gradually, to simultaneously exfoliate, replenish moisture and reduce pigmentation for a smooth, radiant complexion.

Here are some things we love the most about this cream:

Texture: Say good bye to those thick creams that sit on your skin and really don't cooperate with your make-up. White-Up Sorbet melts like a sorbet deliciously into your skin with an immediate cool, fresh feeling. No more issues of make-up peeling off, this cream provides the perfect make-up base.

Smell: Subtle, clean and very nice.

Price: White-Up Sorbet is actually very reasonably priced considering the quality and quantity of innovative ingredients found inside its 50ml jar.

Easy to use: It is a melting night cream that is effective when used once per day at night time.

Benefits: Gradually lightens and removes dark spots. Balances skin tone, and leaves the skin looking fresh and radiant. Prevents the return of dark patches.

Ingredients: The formula contains tranexamic acid, one whitening peptide and lactobionic acid. It is highly effective at promoting skin renewal, regular exfoliation, reducing pigmentation and lowering skin pH in a safe and controlled way that does not have a negative effect on the skin or the skins moisture. However you must use All-day shield SPF during the day to protect the skin from UV damage, due to the skin renewal process achieved by this cream.

Ingredient science behind its effectiveness

Traxanemic acid:

In the medical field, tranexamic acid is a reliable haemostatic agent during surgery and in the case of accidental injuries. In medical cosmetics, tranexamic acid is used for skin treatments: already small amounts can bleach pigmented spots and reduce redness – also in combination with instrument-based techniques.

In dermatology the effects of tranexamic acid have been known for a long time, namely in the context of pigment disorders. The first report on the treatment of melasmas with tranexamic acid dates back to 1979, the intensity of a melasma was significantly reduced within a period of two to three weeks.

Melasma or hyper-pigmentation forms in a variety of ways. They are triggered by miscellaneous endogenic and exogenous influences such as: UV radiation of the sunlight photosensitization, or in other words, the reduced sensitivity threshold of the skin to light caused by essential oils for instance hormonal influences, as for example during pregnancy inflammation mediators such as prostaglandins and cytokines (post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation) AGE (Advanced Glycation End products), or in other words, products that form in the body due to the reaction of proteins or lipids with carbohydrates; they are held responsible for a variety of health implications other deposits of endogenous metabolic products. Tranexamic acid is effective after oral administration and after topical application. A variety of biochemical mechanisms have been discussed, among them the inhibition of tyrosinase and the preceding processes such as the reduction of free arachidonic acid and prostaglandin E2. Besides the bleaching effect, tranexamic acid also reduces the translucent reddish colour of the superficial blood vessels. The result is an even complexion.

Whitening peptide:

It regulates melanogenesis – and affects the process of melanogenesis, either reducing or increasing production of pigment under the influence of UV rays.

Lactobionic acid:

Lactobionic acid includes galactose, which is famous for its wound-healing properties. The acid promotes faster regeneration and repair of damaged skin. It has the ability to stimulate wound healing, and can be used successfully on skin that is prone to acne and inflammation.