Enzyme Powder Cleanse & Peel 100g

Facial foaming powder is a thing, and you should try it for many reasons. Besides its excellent ecological profile, preservative, sulphate and PEG free it will care about your skin like no other facial cleanser.

The powder transform in a rich and creamy foam in your wet hands. It offers excellent cleansing and exfoliation to leave the skin soft like silk. This unique cleanser will suit all skin types from oily to very sensitive due to its mildness and formulation that totally respects the skin balance.

A highly effective, botanical-based brightening exfoliator without harsh ingredients. This exfoliator helps brighten and even skin tone without chemical abrasives. Natural papaya enzymes work to eliminate dry, dull surface cells and toxins to reveal a soft and smooth complexion. It improves penetration of other products due to the removal of dead surface cells. 

This product is very cost effective compared to a normal cleanser, as only a small amount of powder is used per application. 

Enzyme Powder Cleanse & Peel 100g

    • Gently exfoliates the skin
    • Does not cause irritation
    • Lasts a long time
    • Natural extracts
    • Suitable for all skin types including sensitive